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Welcome to the Warmington Village Web

Local News Update

Warmington Facebook page

The parish council has recently set up a Facebook page to enable updates and links to the website to be proactive.

A feed from the Facebook page has been embedded on the left hand side of the website under the menu.

Why not have a look. Please give us a like if you do by clicking the like button in the feed.

Get fit this summer!

If you live in or around Warmington and want to get fit this summer, running is the simplest and quickest way to boost your heart, lung and leg power. There's a great sense of achievement at the end, especially as running can burn up 300 calories in 30mins - more than a Mars Bar!

There are some great local races coming up - the Outlaw 10k at Lyveden New Bield near Oundle 27 Sept, and the Great Eastern Run half marathon 11 October.

So if you fancy getting fit with a jog or run in the local area, get in touch with Claire Maxted. Based at Bevan Close, Warmington with partner Steve, Claire is keen to find local running and jogging enthusiasts to see if we can create a bit of an informal club to encourage health and fitness for all in the local area.

Claire loves living in super-friendly Warmington and is keen to share local routes with other runners and joggers nearby. No previous experience necessary, all ability levels welcome. Claire is just happy to run with new friends or help you improve, and explore the footpaths, historic buildings and rolling countryside views.

Contact Claire: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 07817 465939

Warmington Broadband Update - 29th July 2015

The new fibre optic broadband uptake has been so successful that the cabinet has run out of capacity......

Openreach's response is "We appreciate that this is frustrating but unfortunately, this cabinet has run out of space for more customers which we are looking to resolve as quickly as possible. Please keep an eye on our website from the mid of August 2015 for an update. It’s where we publish the very latest fibre coverage information and we update it weekly. This is when we would estimate that you should be able to place your order, all being well."

BT has now stopped taking orders for SuperFast Broadband for the time being. One villager who has been waiting weeks for their line to be upgraded, has now been told that the cabinet will not be upgraded by BT OpenReach until the end of August. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have found this to be the case.

There are also issues with the speeds available. It appears that some areas of the village could get speeds of nearly 80 Mbits/sec. Other areas of the village may only get speeds of 17-24 Mbits/sec.

Whilst this disparity is disappointing, it is still a massive leap forward from the previous provision. Find out more about the SuperFast Broadband roll-out planned for Warmington.

If you are unhappy with your current superfast broadband, please click here to complete the Ultrafast Broadband Survey.

A New Vicar for the Warmington Benefice- where we are now.

Prior to Brian Rogers' actual retirement, representatives of the five parishes had met in February with the Archdeacon of Oakham and the Rural Dean to discuss his replacement. The Archdeacon said then that to be able to finance the appointment of a full time vicar, it would be necessary to add another parish to the Benefice, and that an approach would be made to Elton to ask if the patron and Parochial Church Council would be willing to make such a move. At a further meeting held on the 16th of June Benefice representatives were told that Elton had declined to join the Warmington group, and that the only option available would be the appointment of a part time vicar, working three days, including Sunday, during each week.

It must be accepted that for a number of years, the Benefice parish share paid to the Diocese has been subsidised by other churches in the Deanery, and that this situation is unfair and cannot continue at its present rate. The cost to the Benefice of a part time vicar will be in the order of £44000 per annum which includes housing and other Diocesan expenses.

The Rural Dean cited a number of cases where a part time priest, working with an elected Benefice Counsel had actively grown the local church community, and that such an appointment should not be seen as a means of just" keeping things going." There was general agreement that it should be the aim of the five parishes to work together to support a new part time incumbent to develop the level of church attendance and pastoral care.

The Bishop and Archdeacon will now begin the search for a suitable candidate, who will be offered to the parish representatives for their approval. We do not know how long this will take, but we must all hope and pray for an appointment to be made as quickly as possible.

Bill Peck, on behalf of the PCCs of the Benefice.

Increase in the number of hedgehogs being rescued in Warmington

There has been an increase in the number of hedgehogs that are being rescued in Warmington. This is good news because it means that we have an increasing number of hedgehogs in the village. However as you'll have seen we also have a thriving badger population on the outskirts of the village. Badgers and hedgehogs will co-exist perfectly well as long as there is enough food. When food becomes scarce then the badger will put our little hedgehogs on the menu. As a result hedgehogs will actively not move into a badger area if possible. The main food source for both is earthworms.

This dry weather we are having is making it harder for hedgehogs to dig up their food, as all you gardeners will know the ground is rather hard at the moment. So if you could help our prickly friends with a bowl of water and some cat biscuits ( meat flavour ) then you may well find they move into your garden and help with your garden pests. If you are worried about the local cats eating the food then there are some great ideas for how to build a hog feeding station on both the BHPS and the Hedgehog street web sites.

Hedgehogs in August

Those hoglets born at the start of the hedgehog season will already be independent. Some of you may have had the unforgettable experience of seeing a mother hedgehog trundle across the lawn followed by 3 or 4 miniature replicas.

Once they are 8 weeks old they will tend to disperse and mum may even try for another litter. Although these juveniles have had some experience of foraging, if the weather is very dry, they will struggle to find food. Putting out a dish of hedgehog food or meaty cat or dog food and a shallow bowl of water at this time of year is a good way to encourage one of this year’s juvenile to settle in your garden.

If you have an uninhabited hedgehog box, now is a good time to clear out any old bedding and replace it with new. To check the box is empty place a small piece of screwed up paper in the entrance late one afternoon. If a hedgehog is sleeping there it will push the paper aside as it leaves the nest. Repeat for a few days to be absolutely sure nothing is using the box before opening it up. If there is a resident, do not open the box or attempt to clean it. To attract hedgehogs to a vacant nest box initially you could leave a trail of biscuits in and around the box. Once it is inhabited leave the food further away as they may encourage other visitors into the box and your original visitor may be displaced. Using dry hedgehog or cat biscuits means there will be no smell from decaying food and they can be left out for some time before they become inedible. Slugs may also be less likely to be attracted to them. This cuts down on waste and cost. Do remember to supply extra water as dry food will make them thirsty.

The numbers of some parasitic worms can increase at this time of year and some of the smaller hedgehogs may end up with very heavy worm burdens. Do keep an eye open for any hedgehogs about in the day that seem to be in trouble. Back in June and July quite a few hedgehogs may have been seen around at dawn and dusk because there are less daylight hours for them to forage in. Those hedgehogs will have been moving about with a purpose ie searching for food. Ones that are poorly will be listless (or even static), wobbly or both. Hedgehogs that appear to be asleep in the open are in trouble and need your help.

If you find a hoglet or a sick or injured hedgehog contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society they can give general advice and perhaps details of a local hedgehog rehabilitator that you can contact. Contact them on 01584 890801. For more general information about hedgehogs and how to help them visit the BHPS web site at www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk

Just Friends Community Ladies Choir

Just Friends Community Ladies choir meets every Thursday evening in Warmington School from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm for an evening of singing and socialising.

New members are always welcome. Contact Jean Fisher on 01832 280401 for more details and see more about the choir here.

Warmington Greetings Card

Local artist Rosemary Coates has produced a beautiful illustration of St Mary’s, Warmington which is now available as a greetings card. It is suitable for Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Congratulations, Thank You, Thinking of You, etc.

All money raised goes to the Church. A single card costs £1.00 but you can buy six for £5. The cards are available in the church, which is open every day. If you are unable to get to the church, please contact Kathryn and she will arrange to bring/post to you.

Kathryn Baird - Telephone 01832 280249 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Northampton ACRE - Bulk Oil Scheme

Northamptonshire ACRE is expanding the Bulk Oil scheme and is now offering LPG in cylinders and for bulk tanks. Current prices are:

  • 13kg Butane: £26.75
  • 19kg Propane: £29.00
  • 47kg Propane: £59.75

All prices include VAT and delivery.

LPG bulk tank supply: A 2 year deal, price fixed for 9 months at 41ppl.

There is no additional cost to ordering LPG, it is covered under the oil membership.

Here at Northants ACRE we use 47kg cylinders and just by switching suppliers with the help of our Energy Consultants we have saved over £10 a cylinder. We are also looking to install a bulk tank to secure further savings. If you would like to do the same or would like more information on this and ordering LPG, please give me a call on 01604 825 892, Will Dallimore (Rural Officer).
Oil and LPG Membership Form
Individual Oil Ordering Form
Summer is also the time to buy Oil with the price being at its lowest over the next couple of months, it certainly is the time to fill up. Currently, The price of heating OIL is around 15% lower than it was this month last year and two months ago it was 25% below the equivalent 2013 price.

You can get in touch with the Warmington Village Web team by sending Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it