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 Volunteer needed for Warmington Village website
To allow the Warmington village website to continue, a volunteer editor is required to edit and manage the site on a day to day basis. The site is based on the ubiquitous Joomla CMS, but the editor will still require html and php skills.

If you are interested in taking on this role, and have the required skills, please contact Tim Helstrip on behalf of the Parish Council, in the first instance - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

 Thorpe Hall Appeal - Antiques Roadshow - 20th September
The Red Lion pub is very kindly hosting an Antiques Roadshow for the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Appeal.
For the villagers in Warmington, if you have heirlooms or things you bought in car boot sales (or antiques shops!) that you'd love to know a bit more about, talk to the experts who will be delighted to value anything from necklaces to milk jugs. This promises to be a wonderful day out, and for an excellent cause.
Antiques Roadshow, Saturday 20th September, 11am to 4pm, with Lady Victoria Leatham, former Director Burghley House, George Archdale, Antiques Roadshow, and experts from Cheffins Auctioneers.  
Entry is £15, to include valuation of one item and lunch or tea. Items for sale will be auctioned by Cheffins at a later date.
For more information, or to discuss transportation for large items, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it g

 Oundle Pilgrimage – supporting Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall 9/10th August
Walking, cycling and obtaining passport stamps from historic locations are a fun way to enjoy a weekend. Whatever your choice it can be a liberating experience following the Oundle Pilgrimage as it cuts through the Nene Valley encountering riverside walks, estate woodlands, iconic sites and ancient buildings. It is our fourth anniversary and we will celebrate the event with a fundraising coffee morning and some light evening entertainment at the Rose and Crown.
Starting at St Peter’s Church at 8.30am (or Trek-Kits, Oundle Wharf after 10am) The Pilgrimage takes in local inns and churches along the way where participants must try and obtain a stamp/signature for their passports at each stop. Passports and guides can be purchased from Trek-Kits; gps maps / video footage of the route are available form our websites and certificates are given to those who complete the whole journey. Participants can obtain sponsor forms from the Wharf or contact the Thorpe Hall fundraising team; Sponsor jars are in place at all the pit stops en route and we invite the public to make a donation. There will also be a collection at the Co-op on the Saturday which is Farmers’ Market Day.
The event offers a weekend walk or a cycle challenge of 40 miles, a picnic family walk of 6 miles taking in the Nene and part of Ashton Estate. Or simply choose a section to make up a smaller circular walk. There are campsites available for those weekend participants who wish to do it all and split the journey into 2 phases (sat/sun- see the main guide). It is also possible to start from any other location en route if required.
‘A few hours of toil for a worthy cause is rewarding in itself and if every one did just 2 hours a week for a voluntary act of good will this world would surely be a better place.’
The Oundle Pilgrimage was founded by long distance charity walker Robin Moore who dedicated the event to Sue Ryder after the hospice cared for a popular young man called Dean Robert Ingram ‘Deano’ who died there in 2008. The project raises money for all local causes and can be walked any time of the year; but hold an event for Sue Ryder annually in August on Farmers Market Weekend.
To sign up for this year’s pilgrimage visit Trek-Kits, Oundle Wharf: Contact; 01832 272 050. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   For more information about the Oundle Pilgrimage please visit: www.robin-moore.co.uk www.oundlepilgrimage.org.uk 

 Northampton ACRE - Bulk Oil Scheme
Northamptonshire ACRE is expanding the Bulk Oil scheme and is now offering LPG in cylinders and for bulk tanks. Current prices are:
13kg Butane: £26.75
19kg Propane: £29.00
47kg Propane: £59.75
All prices include VAT and delivery.
LPG bulk tank supply: A 2 year deal, price fixed for 9 months at 41ppl. 
There is no additional cost to ordering LPG, it is covered under the oil membership. 
Here at Northants ACRE we use 47kg cylinders and just by switching suppliers with the help of our Energy Consultants we have saved over £10 a cylinder. We are also looking to install a bulk tank to secure further savings. If you would like to do the same or would like more information on this and ordering LPG, please give me a call on 01604 825 892, Will Dallimore (Rural Officer). Oil and LPG Membership Form.   Individual Oil Ordering Form
Summer is also the time to buy Oil with the price being at its lowest over the next couple of months, it certainly is the time to fill up. Currently, The price of heating OIL is around 15% lower than it was this month last year and two months ago it was 25% below the equivalent 2013 price.

 Hedgehogs in August by Kay Bullen
August is an in between time for hedgehogs.  The hoglets born at the beginning of the hedgehog season will be leaving their mother’s home patch and will start to fend for themselves.  These females may come into breeding mode again and start a new family.  Other females may have taken a while to get pregnant or may have lost their first pregnancy and will be late having their first litter of the year.
There will be a large mix of age ranges all of which may have their own problems.  August seems to be a month when the internal parasites that hedgehogs can get are most abundant.  Large healthy hedgehogs can cope with these internal parasites but if the numbers are too high or the hedgehog is ill, underweight or just a recently independent youngster then they can have problems.
By encouraging hedgehogs into your garden (provided it is safe – see “Gardening with Hedgehogs” leaflet on the BHPS web site) and providing them with a supplementary food source you can help them to overcome some of their problems, making them more able to tolerate any parasites they may have.  You will also be able to keep a watch on them for any unusual behaviour.
During any hot weather the hedgehog’s natural food is more difficult to find so again extra food and some water is a welcome help.  
In wet weather the materials that they use to make their nests will be damp and any recently independent juveniles will need suitable sites and bedding for their new nests.  Filling an unused nest box with straw may encourage a passing visitor to take up residence.  Don’t keep opening the box to check for occupation but rather place a small object eg screwed up piece of paper just inside the entrance, during the day.  If it is pushed aside by the morning then it is likely you have something nesting in the box.  Look for signs of hedgehog droppings in the garden – a large hedgehog’s dropping could almost be the size of a small cat’s dropping but it will not be buried. It will often have black shiny bits in it (remnants of beetle casings).
If you are concerned about any hedgehog, or you see one out in the day, contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890 801 (if you can weigh the hedgehog first that is always helpful, but do use gloves when you handle them).  For more information about hedgehogs and how to help them visit the BHPS web site at  www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk

If you see a hedgehog on the road (and it's not obviously dead) then please check it.  They can still be alive but too scared to move, and you could save a life.
Stef is a hedgehog rehabilitator on the BHPS carers list and if people need help with their hogs then you can also contact Stef on 01832 280598

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